Our practice evenings

Each evening’s practice is under the guidance of a facilitator.  More experienced Group members take it in turn to facilitate.  Each facilitator will guide the evening in a slightly different way but the general format does not change.

Programme Action Pages for further information
Inviting the bell of mindfulness The bell of mindfulness
Introduction by facilitator Welcomes everyone and invites them to introduce themselves Bowing
Chanting The Group chants “Om” The sacred chant of “Om”
Guided meditation A volunteer leads the Group in a guided meditation Guided meditation
Walking meditation If indoors the Group walks in a circle.  If outdoors, less formally. Walking meditation
Silent meditation The Group meditates seated in silence Silent meditation
Dharma lesson The Group reads from a Dharma book
Sharing The Group engages in mindful speaking and mindful listening Mindful speaking and listening
Announcements and call for volunteers The facilitator makes arrangements for the following weeks and refers to the Dana basket
Formal end to the evening’s practice The Group bows to one another and to Thich Nhat Hanh as a representative of all our spiritual teachers.