Online Sangha

We are now meeting online every Thursday evening from 7:30pm -9:30pm. You are very welcome to join us. Please contact us for access details.

We use the Zoom video conferencing application. Zoom works on PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones whether they use Apple, Android, or Microsoft.  It is free and easy to set-up.

If you are worried you aren’t very skilled with technology, be reassured that it is really very easy to take part in a Zoom meeting.  You just need to click on the link we will send you. The first time you use Zoom it will ask you to download the app. This only takes a few minutes. Contact us if you having problems accessing the meeting and we will try to assist, if not for this week then certainly for next week.

Online practice guidance

We practise as we would in a Dharma Hall, with a few adaptations. You can read about the general format of our evenings on our website. There are a few hints for making our practice relaxing online.

Please find somewhere to join the call where you won’t be disturbed. Please find a seated position such that you can remain still, upright and at ease throughout, to enable mental activity to settle. We remain in silence with our microphones muted please unless speaking during sharing or “weather reports”.

There are very few Zoom controls you need to know about:

  • Controls for microphone and video are bottom left of your Zoom window.
  • Please keep your microphone muted.
  • Our main connection is visual, so please keep video on.
  • On a laptop or iPad, click “Gallery View” in the top right corner, so we can all see each other (on a mobile swipe sideways to see others).
  • Please only send chat messages if the meeting has ended.