About us

Welcome to the Richmond Mindfulness Meditation Group.

We meet weekly to practice Buddhist meditation.

The Group is inspired by and associated with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Community of Interbeing and with the Insight Meditation tradition of Gaia House.

We aspire to bring mindfulness, concentration, and insight to daily living.  During our meetings we practice guided meditation, walking meditation and silent sitting meditation. We also share readings from a wide range of Buddhist and other spiritual teachers. There is an opportunity for “mindful speaking” in which we communicate with compassionate listening and loving speech.  Our meetings finish  with tea.  (See Our practice pages for more details of what we do).

In addition to our long-standing Wednesday evening group which meets in Ham/Richmond, we have a group that meets on Tuesday evenings in Twickenham. We are delighted to welcome new members to both our groups. (See  When we meet page for dates)

There is no charge for attending meditation evenings but donations are accepted towards running costs. Please make contact by email or telephone before attending for the first time.

We are a friendly, inclusive group, founded in 1997, with both Buddhist and non-Buddhist members.  We follow our Guiding Principles which encapsulate what we value about our Group.  For the avoidance of doubt, we are neither a therapeutic group nor a stress reduction group. Our meetings have a minimum age limit of 17 and we regret that children cannot be brought to our meetings.

In addition to our regular evening meetings we have periodic Days of Mindfulness where we have the benefit of a full day of practice.